About the Homeowners’ Association

The Bridle Path Homeowners' Association, Inc. (BPHOA) is the managing organization for the Bridle Path community. It was established in the 1970s and was the first HOA in Simi Valley. It is managed by a five-member Board of Directors who are elected by the homeowners on a yearly basis.

Present Board Members

The present members are:
PRESIDENT: Corey Baker


SECRETARY: Colette Lovo

TREASURER: Morgan Hurwitz

MEMBER AT LARGE: Julie Schwartz
mal@bp-hoa.org; julie@bp-hoa.org

Run By Homeowner Volunteers

The BPHOA is run by members of the community who serve on the Board of Directors as volunteers. Their main functions are:
  • Maintaining the Bridle Path, arenas, and common areas
  • Maintaining the Mountain Park
  • Handling Architectural approvals 
  • Enforcing the CC&Rs
  • Handling other HOA business
  • Scheduling and managing community events
The main benefits that homeowners have one of the lowest monthly HOA dues in California at a present rate of $65 per month. While this will likely increase with inflation as the cost of maintenance increases, it will still remain one of the least expensive in California.