On the Bridle Path

One of our most unique features is a horse trail that runs within view of every home in the community. It gives our community its name and creates our wonderful ambiance. At almost any time you can see sights like the following either by going out for a walk yourself or even just looking out your front window. Many of our neighbors use the path to walk or ride their horses and to walk their dogs or even their goats or an occasional llama.
Shammie the horse out for a walk on the Bridle Path's horse trail
Sue E. out for a stroll on her Gypsy Vanner, Shammie.
Two homeowners walk their dogs on the Bridle Path's trail.
While riding horse may be the Bridle Path's favorite activity, the second is walking our dogs. Here is Vicky H. and Teresa C. walking Pica, Rowdy, and Benji.
Conni H walking her horse Yowahtee
Connie H. regularly walks her beautiful horse, Yowahtee, on the Bridle Path.
A homeowner walks her pet goats on the Bridle Path's trail.
Dogs aren't the only animals getting walked. Hayley C. is out walking her pet
A view of the bridle Path's horse trail that runs by every home.
The bridle path runs for X miles in view of every home.