From Our Backyards

To say that the Bridle Path has some view homes is an understatement. Since we're situated up in the foothills, many homes have a great views looking North down to the valley below, while other homes have a great views of the mountain park to the South. Here are a few, including one with snow-capped mountains to our North.
View of Simi Valley's White Face cliff from one of the homes in the Bridle Path.
Simi Valley's WhiteFace landmark from one of our backyards with a spectacular view of the valley.
View of the Mountain Park from Meander Drive in the Bridle Path.
Many of our homes backing up to the mountain park to our South have views like this one taken in the early morning.
A view of the Bridle Path's  Mountain Park near the main entrance.
Here's another early morning shot that residents have whose homes back up to the park.
A view of Simi Valley looking north from the Bridle Path.
Moving back to the North view, here's another great view of the distant mountains from one of our homes.
A view of Simi Valley looking north from the Bridle Path on Sunnydale Ave.
You can see our hills and some barns looking West as the sun is setting.
A view of snow-capped mountains north of Simi Valley from a home in the Bridle Path.
When it rains in Simi Valley in the winter, it can snow in the distant mountains, providing wonderful views from many of our homes.
A rainbow as seen from a Bridle Path home after a thunder shower.
When it rains, we've also seen beautiful rainbows from many of our back yards.